The king of Chechnya

Russian journalist Alex Tor specializes in Chechnya and Ingushetia in the North Caucasus, which have a history of war and violence. He has, among other things, written about corruption, refugees, and kidnappings. Because of his journalistic work, Tor and his family have been forced into exile.

An open letter to Ahmadinejad – My green vote was not your black name

A poet and journalist, Naeimeh Doustdar was one of the millions of people who took part in the violent protests in Tehran in 2009. She was imprisoned shortly thereafter and stayed in the infamous Evin prison. Before the trial, she was able to leave Iran. Today, she is a guest writer in Malmö. Here we publish her open letter to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The ICORN-relay: Sedigheh Vasmaghi

In April the Swedish city of Uppsala received a new ICORN writer: the Iranian lawyer and poet Sedigheh Vasmaghi. After the election in 2009, she took part of the protest movement. She published poems and articles where she took a strong stand against all fundamentalism. The harassments and threats towards her increased.

The ICORN-relay—Mazen Maarouf

The guest writer-relay has reached Iceland. The poet Mazen Maarouf—who has lived all his life as a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon—was during 2011 granted sanctuary in Reykjavík through the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN).

The sunset exile

Exile and deportation are not fixed concepts. They have always shifted over time, and been filled with different content. But the idea of returning home is at the center of all hope for freedom. The Cameroonian author Bertrand Teyou, who is currently an ICORN-writer in Mexico, writes about this. 

The ICORN-relay—Sepideh Jodeyri

The ICORN-relay has now left Scandinavia and landed in Italy, where the Iranian poet, translator and journalist Sepideh Jodeyri currently lives. Jodeyri has written three collections of poetry; two have been published, one is banned in Iran. In this edition we publish a newly written poem by her. A poem about leaving your country.

The ICORN-RELAY – Philo ikonya

In the last issue of The Dissident Blog we started the “ICORN-relay”, where writers who has received refuge in ICORN cities tell us about their own background and the state of free speech in their home countries. The staff has now passed on to Philo Ikonya, well-known writer within the PEN network.

The ICORN-Relay – Anisur Rahman

There are currently 35 sanctuary writers throughout the world who have been forced to leave their countries because of persecution and harassment. We give some of them the opportunity to have their say in the Dissident Blog; we call it “the ICORN-relay”. First in line is the writer Anisur Rahman in Uppsala, Sweden.

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