This is reality—attack on freedom of the press in Mexico in 2011

Darío Ramírez, from ARTICLE 19, a freedom of expression organization, gives us up-to-date background information about the threats to journalists in Mexico—what does violence look like in the statistics that are a matter of life and death?

Narco war on TV screens

The reality in Mexico is scary—and the drug mafia wants people to be scared. As a journalist in Mexico, can you show people what's really happening—or do you serve the purposes of the criminal organizations if you do that? That question is posed by Ioan Grillo, who wrote a book two years ago that has attracted a lot of attention called El Narco.

Self-censorship—the main danger

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. The main reason is the drug wars between criminal organisations. “Some people say that being a journalist in this country is only a viable option for those who are ‘willing to commit suicide’”, the newly graduated journalist Gabriella Isabel writes under pseudonym.

Two columnists murdered and one editor missing in Mexico

The Writers in Prison Committee PEN of International (WiPC) reports about the murder of columnists Miguel Ángel López Velasco and Pablo Ruelas Barraza and the disappearance of editor Marco Antonio López Ortiz, all in the last two weeks. In the most recent incident, López Velasco was shot dead along with his wife and son in their home in Veracruz state on 20 June 2011, while Ruelas was gunned down in Sonora state on 13 June. López Ortiz has not been seen since 7 June, when he was reportedly abducted in Guerrero state. In all, a total of 40 of print journalists and writers have been murdered in Mexico since 2004, while 10 more have gone missing.


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