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The Dissident Blog publishes what the rulers want to delete

It has never been so easy to publish or make your voice heard as it is today. Through websites, blogs and social media people all around the worldhave been given new opportunities to freely spread their words. However, at the same time as new doors have opened totalitarian regimes are slowly but surely trying to censor new digital media. Blogs that contains uncomfortable truths are shut down and writers are silenced by intimidation and reprisals. New grids have fallen over the Internet as censors try to keep pace with technological developments.

Swedish PEN’s The Dissident Blog wants to present the forbidden texts—the ones that can neither be written nor published in the writers’ own countries. We want to give these texts both a Swedish and an international audience. 

All texts are published in their original language, but also in Swedish and English.

The Dissident Blog is regularly published since 2011 by Swedish PEN with the support of Postcode Lottery Culture Foundation, SIDA, PEN International and Statens Kulturråd (the Swedish Arts Council).


Elnaz Baghlanian 

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Johan Rutherhagen

E-mail   johan@rutherhagen.se 

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