To be silent is to say we are not alive

Romeo Oriogun is a poet from Nigeria, a country where homosexuality is criminalised and can give up to fourteen years of prison. In Nigeria, the publishing of queer texts is restricted and even if voices such as Oriogun's makes the country more open, the prize is high. The Dissident blog publishes two of his new poems. 



Refuge writers due to sexual orientation

For Somali writer Ahmed Mohamed, being gay and writing about it in a strongly homophobic environment became more and more dangerous. Finally, through ICORN, he managed to leave and become Skellefteå’s first refuge writer. However, reality of life as an immigrant in Sweden proved not to be uncomplicated.

The way we were

In January this year, Nigeria signed an anti-HBTQ law which criminalizes public displays of affection between same-sex couples and restricts the work of organizations defending gay people. This law forced the Nigerian writer Jude Dibia to leave the country.

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