What frightens tyrants the most is courage

>>This statement is neither a defense nor a deposition. On the contrary, it is an accusation.<<

A slaughterhouse for the law

>> I am not threatening Erdoğan, I am warning him. I tell him not to wish for civil war. I am saying the same thing today. Civil war is terrifying. Is it a crime to say this?<<

Freedom or sunshine

>> I removed the foil paper from the box of Akhtamar cigarettes that I had in my pocket and started writing my will on the scuffed paper. I was handcuffed and trembling with fear. <<


>>Some of those outside are within the country. In a sense, they are “inside” too. Their houses could be raided any moment, they or their families could be detained, their passports could be confiscated.<<

Resistance under a regime of rancor

>>The most valuable resistance of the Witness lies in his collection of pure fact.<<

Ahmet Şık

When President Erdoğan was officially accused of genocide.

>>Erdoğan is suspected of committing serious crimes, he may be responsible for massacres. He is accused of ordering the killing of civilians and people because of their membership in the Kurdish Workers’ Party. <<

Art on trial

Today girls are born into a more backward life standard than their mothers

>> During the last decade, religious conservatism found a large area to grow and have pushed regulations, trying to discipline women into a domestic sphere. <<

The Words Behind Bars


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